The stage of doubt

8How many times was the recollection of past events leaded us to deep thoughts of their own conclussion,a different setting for a different end.Everyday joy and laughter all but faked by the incohesion of people.As the sun shines brightly on our face,we reminisce on the very reason for existance that we associate with the sight before us,happyness.Yet,what do we pride ourselves for,our achievements?Maybe our capabilities and improvements?Questions that remain unanswered come back with an ever increasing pressure for a adequate answer that we can not provide.A voice of reason asks the purpose,gnawing at the back of our mind for an answer of the question,lack of understanding evident in it,as it represents the mind of a herd,the loudest and most primitive of answers considered the”only rational” solution,a dogmatic approach to the struggles of life.A re-approach of both the past and present reveal a wanting for a higher achievement and purpose,without a second’s doubt of pressure inflicted by social stigma’s and rules we are so often forced to abide by for the fear of prosecution at the hands of the very society in whose hands we grew up in.A segment of positivity and optimisim coupled with exeptional belief in one’s self is the first step to the release of tension and easing of everyday struggles,at least for a momment.


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