Definition of divine beauty

What greater way to express the beauty of life then at the center of nature’s gifts,towards magnificent sights and relaxing,not a care in the world.I had a habbit of spending quite alot of time just sitting and….doing absolutely nothing.You simply live,emotions course throught you’re very soul,does anything else exist during those tranquil momments?The troubles of the outside world have no meaning when the realization of life comes to bear upon the beauty of true meaning,joy of being alive.

There is only one true happyness in life,to love and be loved

Never stop enjoying life,for tommorow you might not be able to

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2 thoughts on “Definition of divine beauty

  1. “to love and be loved”, such a beautiful truth! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. It is a pleasure to bring joy to those that strive for the beauty and kindship of life

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