The serene answer to anger

Insults, violence and injustice, three words that would be irreconcilably synonymous with interpersonal relationships of modern society. At first glance, it is seen dissatisfaction and the lack of closeness between people, which is only increasing with the exponentiality of others. The loneliness and monotony of everyday life has come to different answers of various individuals. Is that an unnamed outcome or choice? The power is the answer in force, fire on fire, pain on pain, is it the only way to resolve the conflict? Does it even exist? The result is always the same and never stops, but it revolves as a point, every foreign revenge is foreseeable and without any end In the utterest hatred and the most frenzied anger, can you imagine that in the darkest moment you say only two simple words “I forgive you” and that all the negative energy that is accumulated suddenly drops out, you will be wondering why you were at all blurred at one point. So little effort for the indescribably pleasant feeling of bliss. It’s goin ‘human, it’s hard to cope it is acknowledged with it the possibility of imperfection that leads to error. It is necessary to be more than a man and to forgive the other, because the forgiveness is not human but of a divine nature.


Don’t let the negativity of others provoke you,let it hit you and then disperse,like the ocean waves,they hit and then dissapear,just like the words from a person looking for conflict.You are truly the winner,when you are unmovable,like a mountain.


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