Unified goal:the rise of humanity,the opening explanation.

“History teaches us that unity is strength, and cautions us to submerge and overcome our differences in the quest for common goals, to strive, with all our combined strength, for the path to true human tranqulity lies within our combined effort”

Look at the world around us,what do you see?In most country’s there is no war,alot of  diseases have been rooted out, and we keep growing technologicaly at a fast pace.Yet,what causes most problems in today’s world?Is it political short-sightedness,economical competition or personal greed?What is the true culprit to the pains we are exposed to daily?Take for example the outrages caused by swiched political parties in the United States,what truly changed the system?A bussines tycone takes place,a man who is backed up by wealth,but is that truly a bad thing?We say power corrupts a man,but that same man has potential to make wonders happen,and still profit.We as humans are defined by greed by nature,i can give a personal example to backup my belief.I once interview a localy popular humanitarian who often tock part in various voluntary work and was a benefactor to various organisations such as the red cross.During our talk,i had a optimistic outlook,but even thought the conversation was pleasant,the end of it was quite shocking to me.His exact words were”listen,i can’t sometimes help but think why do i do what i do,i feel satisfied and happy seeing the smile on other people’s faces even if i myself somehow feel empty and unfufilled in my own life.I feel happy when i see other’s cheerfull,yet i never get help from the ones i helped in any situation.It is like a drug to me,but if i didn’t feel so euphoric when i help other people,i doubt i would help anyone at all.”It broke the ice barier i had towards generalizing people i considered “good.But difference was what defined us,yet we are intolerable towards others different than us.There still is inequality in the world. There still is hunger. There still is a separation of the classes, in other words, poverty that is very hard to escape.There is the human inequality of prejudice and the manipulative deceptive nature of the power hungry, the need for more.
There is still a sense of struggle, and thus, there is crime. Although there is less violence than before, there still is violence and unnecessary hate throughout the world.All of the factors conveyed here are a result of a degrading society that can’t stand the test of time to come,yet instead of adapting only continues to remain in ruin.Althought it won’t share the fate of ancient civiliaztions of the past,it could drasticaly ruin both ourselves and the iminent change to come.

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