The manifest of illusion

Insecurity,isolation,delusions,paradise,all of these words signify the creation of a personal haven to which we flee to escape from our personal lives,the reasons for it are numerious.Sometimes it is a friend who,despite years of friendship,simply feels more as a stranger then someone we can trust.Sometimes a wanderlust that can’t be sated,even a wish for a place of solace and comfort.Here are one of the main reasons people are insecure and how they manifest it.

10.Uplifting social status

Let’s face it,modern society spends a great deal of time around gossip and individualy striving to appear as flawless and genuine people who are without a single care in the world.How many times have pearl’s shined as brightly as the purest diamond ,before their shell closes them down into they’re own darkness.In society,a mask is a neccesity under which most live to avoid judgement and to escape the fragile confines of reality.

9.Upholding the illusion of a perfect life

Inability to face countless flaws and problems is mitigated throught a “utopia”-showing one’s self in a perfect light,with people they deem interesting and important,with dreams that are fufilled as soon as they are thought about.This is a common phenomena with teenagers but can affect adults as well,a coping mechanism as well as a method to keep up motivation,but it can drag dreamers to disregard the material world due to how perfect it is.

8.Failiure to see one’s own self worth and influence

“The world doasen’t spin only for you” a common quote that exibits how seemingly small our actions can be,yet fails to show that one small action can be both a blessing and a serious issue(penicilin was discovered by Alexander Fleming because he forgot to clean his lab equipment,Adolf Hitler started his political uprise for giving a simple speech at a bar which happened to have nacional-socialist memmbers as it’s patrons,the phenomena is known as the “butterfly effect”).Live’s go by without realising how much contribution they could have made both for themselves and the rest of the world.

7.Lack of motivation

Often times we question why do we even bother doing what we do,and why should we keep pushing towards a goal that is far away from us?It may be sucess in school,work,maybe wanting a good physicall body a new skill,but not being eager to put time,patience and dedication to reaching it?A ladder that leads to the top is full of contenders which sparks a competitive spirit,but each step forward gives a small taste of victory we can feel,and being ungratefull for even a scent of victory is the downfall of most,as is the lack of conviction,feeling as we have “hit a brick wall”

6.Weak mindset

Distractions and an inability to accept things as they are lead up denial and eventualy become a burden on both the mins and body.The past is just a ghost as long as we accept and face the worst it has to offer,less it haunts us every step of the way to true freedom we strive for both in actions and thoughts.

5.No solid ground

We are all fighting to keep our heads high and our minds resolute,but even in momments of weakness we often find ourselves alone.Mayne everyone will laught at us,maybe we will be missunderstood or our emotions will be used againts us,teaching us that keeping eveything that bothers us inside is the only thing we can do to avoid more suffering,it is possible that our own family coulden’t care less about how we feel,yet they feel and think the same way,unable to make the first step towards a change leads up to cathastrophy,but a few thrive in that sort of hell.

4.Never enjoying the momment

Overthinking,overthinking and even more overthinking,after so much,is there any time left to enjoy what is before us?Spending so much time carefully simulating every possible scenario that ussualy never happens,or thinking what could have happened if we never made a choice or seemingly “wrong” action in the past.Such thinking draws us closer to failiure than anything else,because we draw so much on what happened that we often forget what we have done before it is too late.

3.Not knowing who we are

Doing a job we hate,talking with people we don’t like or spending time on activities we think we should like but know deep down we despise.We can easely be swayed by our enviroment to become someone who is truly an opposite of our own character,effectively becoming a living lie without even realising it.Conflicts on numerious subjects occurs when we are faced to either accept them as they are or voice our opinions and accept that nothing is truly true or truly false.

2.No trust in other’s or in yourself

Surrounded by masks,an actor doasen’t discern what is arround him,they play their part and sing in a choir of voices,all so different in tone yet so similar,each differentiation sings a melody of uncertanty which is followed up by a lack of reason or morals,it forms a being that tells a thousand different stories which paint a portait of the same meaning,the fog becomes an epitome of what lies in every interaction and betwen every thought,so simple yet filled with emptyness,one voice displays the message clearly.


Every manifestation of the symptoms above is a fragment of a complex web called fear.We feel it at all times,and our uncertanty feeds an illusion of an unbreakable wall we cannot cross,in all of it’s forms it inhibits us as individuals and blinds us to both the needs of others and ourselves,acting more on basic instinct than thought.The most primal part of us is often the most dominant one,but we as individuals may ascend our animalistic tendencies and truly ascend the root of all problems,fear itself.


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